It’s 25 degrees!?

There are lots of puzzling things about British people. We stand in queues, purely for the enjoyment of complaining about having to wait in a queue. We complain about pretty much everything actually. That it’s too hot. It’s too cold. It’s so still. But there’s so much wind! And yes, most of that complaining has to do with the weather, another of our favourite conversation topics. If a Brit is stood in a queue complaining about the weather, know that that Brit is completely satisfied and fulfilling their purpose in life. Yes, these are stereotypes, but to my mind, a stereotype has to come from somewhere. 

All joking aside though, there’s one more, incredibly peculiar thing that we Britons do, and it does indeed involve the weather…

As we have a continually variable climate, which most of the time vacillates between grey-and-rainy and really-grey-and-rainy, it is fairly difficult to decide what to wear on a daily basis. Given the modern meteorological technology and the easy access we have to regular weather updates, you might think that we’d be ok. Sadly, no.

We have developed a habit, as a nation, of dressing for the day before. You’d think we would know by now that a balmy 24 degrees can quickly become a rather nippy 13. But no, we continue to dress for the weather we had yesterday, ignoring all the signs around us that perhaps that’s not a good idea.

Take today, for instance. Monday was a beautiful day, as was Sunday, so the majority of people were nicely dressed in their summer clothes, because two consecutive days of glorious weather is not typical in this country. Tuesday was hot, but muggy, so if you were wearing summer clothes you were alright, but muggy weather is never good. This morning, i.e. Wednesday, is not so hot. The temperature plummeted overnight, leaving it cold, and yet somehow still slightly muggy…

I arrived at work this morning to find everyone shivering in their light summer cardigans, summer skirts and sandals, because we don’t know how to check the weather forecast. I don’t know what it is. We wake up and look at the sky, which is back to being dull and grey, and think to ourselves, it’ll warm up later. Why do we do this!? We are not weather experts, clearly. We have no knowledge of weather fronts and the effects of high pressure versus low. We don’t know what the little blue triangles and red semi-circles on the white lines on the weather forecast mean, and yet we persist in our delusions. We insist that we know better what the weather’s going to be like. And if someone suggests that we might be cold as we stand there clutching our arms, trying to conserve as much heat as possible? Well, that’s just a challenge isn’t it! From then on, all you will hear is us brushing off how cold it is. ‘Cold, you say? I’m not cold. What makes you think that? The shivering? Oh, I’m shivering because I’m so hot.’

It’s ridiculous. And yet I do it. It is a British compulsion, just like complaining about queues and the weather, and very quietly muttering rude words about the driver who just cut you up, only when you’re sure they definitely won’t see your lips moving. If you are British and reading this, I implore you, check the weather forecast, change your habits, and maybe one day, we might actually learn how to be comfortable in both hot weather and cold. 


Well readers, I hope you enjoyed this little rant about the weather. I can’t say that I’ll be able to do anything different in the future, but I’m rather cold now, sat in my summer clothes in a chilly office, which definitely makes me want to make an effort at the very least! I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting any videos… My internet is still being a pain, but we’re moving this weekend, so fingers crossed we’ll have the line switched over quickly and I’ll have a decent broadband speed again… I really hope so, because I miss doing videos for you guys. Anyway!

’til next time, readers.

Georgie xx


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