So many books, so little time

Hello readers!

Yes, I know this is a day late, but I was really stuck on what to write about for this post. As I was getting irritated with myself because I hadn’t thought about the topic of this post more thoroughly, it occurred to me that I very often get stuck with things. It’s almost like I get a mental block against making decisions. Even if I think I know what I want or what I want to do, I come up with several reasons to procrastinate actually solidifying that decision…

This seems to me to be more than just my usual penchant for procrastination expressing itself. There’s almost something of self-sabotage around my inability to choose to do anything. As a result of this, I’ve had to come up with various ways to make decisions. If I’m choosing a chocolate bar, for instance, I tend to bargain with myself – “Which did you have last time? Have a different one this time. You like them both and you can have the other one next time.” To be honest with you, in that situation I tend to end up just getting both, but you catch my drift.

Since I’m planning a TBR post for a couple of weeks’ time, I started thinking about the process I go through to choose which book I read next, which as I’m sure you’re aware, is no mean feat. There are so many books that we want to read, some books that we feel we ought to read, some that we’re putting off reading because we don’t want to be disappointed. So I thought that I would share with you today the processes that I go through to determine which book I’m going to read next.

I have a couple of methods to do this depending on what I’m feeling at the time. Or I suppose you could consider it an ongoing process? Yeah, it’s more a set of steps that follow to little down my choices.

So! First criterion – Genre. Generally speaking, I don’t really mind about genre, so long as there’s romance in there somewhere. Or if the book is just really, really, really good. I do sometimes have a craving for a particular genre, whether that’s historical romance, sci-fi (this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen), or fantasy, and if that happens, I always read that genre, because I won’t be satisfied unless I do.

Second step is usually length. I love reading long books, and as a general rule I leave the things I love most til the end. Some people think I’m silly for doing this as they tend to follow the philosophy expressed inย Remember Me – ย the ‘what if we die halfway through dinner’ sort of thing. I personally like to believe that I’m going to survive through the entirety of dinner and if that’s the case I’d much rather have my favourite flavour be the last thing I have in a meal, you know? And I follow the same process with books, which means that I tend to read from shortest to longest.

So once I’ve picked my genre, I choose the shortest books I have from that genre and then we’re on to step three! Step three should be pretty obvious from my general philosophy on life, which I’ve just explained: I just read the ones I’m least interested in first! That way I have something to look forward to, and it also means that I know I can just stop reading a specific book if I really don’t like it ๐Ÿ™‚

There you go then! That’s my basic process for choosing which book I want to read next. I will mention that this is usually just how I choose which book I read on my kindle next. I read a huge volume of books, usually about two or three a week typically speaking, and to be fair that has gone drastically in recent years since I started at uni and I had books that Iย had to read, but still. So I tend to bulk download around 20 books at a time from Amazon, just the free ones, and this is how I pick one of those to read. With my actual physical books, which I still love to read even though I adore my kindle as well, I have a lot more trouble. Because I only tend to buy books that have a good reputation and that I really want to read anyway, and I don’t really buy short books unless they come highly acclaimed obviously, that basically renders my entire system redundant. And that is why, dear readers, I will be turning that responsibility onto you for the next little while. Next Friday (that’s the 18th of March) I will be posting a new video going through all the physical books I currently own from my TBR and it will be up to you to vote on which one you think I should read next!

There will be more information on that coming in next Friday’s video and post combo. Tomorrow though will be my video from my trip to Abergavenny with Poppyย , which was very, very much fun ๐Ÿ˜€ Head on over to her blog through the link up there to check out her video of the day as well.

’til next time, readers (which just so happens to be tomorrow because I’m super lazy)

Georgie xx


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