I’m back… Again…

Hello readers!

Assuming, of course, that I have any left! I know, I know, I’ve been abysmal… But I am once again turning over a new leaf, and I really hope that this time it’ll stick! I’ve come up with a new scheduling system, so hopefully that will keep me on track…

And I’ve also started a YouTube channel! Very exciting, I know. So you will all be able to see my glorious attempts at finding interesting things to talk about and discuss! It’s gonna be great! I hope.

So from now on, I’m planning on making two new posts each week – one on a Wednesday, which will be my usual, boring chatter about life etc. And one on a Friday that will accompany my YouTube video, giving more detail about the books I’ve discussed or more information about various other things I might mention in my videos. Hopefully, as I say, I’ll be able to keep this up. I really enjoy writing these posts, and the few attempts I’ve made so far at some videos have gone quite well, so fingers crossed I’ll get into the habit, and you guys will enjoy them too!

So this was really just to say hello again and to get myself back in the swing, so I’ll speak to you guys soon!

’til next time readers!

Georgie xx


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