oh dear…

Okay, yes, I know…

I’m dreadful. A dreadful, dreadful blogger…

It has occurred to me that even though I may have wanted to write about all of my uni books, now that I’m actually back at uni, it’s just not going to be possible. So, I have made an executive decision and I’m going to take down those University pages. I’ll leave the posts obviously, there would be no point in taking them down after all, but I’m going to stop posting new ones about my uni work, because it’s stopping me from blogging at all, which is very annoying.

So I’m going to take down those pages, but I’ll keep blogging about various life experiences, special events, and of course, books! I’ll just be focussing on more books that I actually want to read as opposed to books that I’m forced to read and therefore don’t really want to write about!

The next post that you’ll see from me, which I plan to write this evening, will be about my London trip!! It’s been over a month and a half since that trip, so I figure it’s time I gave you a post about it πŸ˜€

I plan to write at least one post every week, but please don’t be too harsh on me if I don’t fulfil that promise, I have got an awful lot of work to do at uni, and I am in the middle of a secret project that I can’t tell you about until after Christmas I’m afraid, but you will hear about it as soon as I can tell you!

I hope I haven’t lost any readers, even though there’s been nothing to read… and I’ll see you all next time!

’til next time, readers!

Georgie xxx


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