This is an open question to all those with glasses… What’s the best way to clean the lenses in my glasses??

As I’ve never had glasses before, I’m not really sure what to do… They keep getting streaks on them, even after I wipe them with the cloth I was given, and I avoid touching the lenses at all if I can help it…

It’s just very annoying having permanently foggy glasses when I’m trying to read!

Thanks in advance my bespectacled friends!

Georgie xxx


7 thoughts on “Help!!

      1. anything but cotton shirts when you are in need to wiping, and you will get scratches… πŸ˜› if you are around a man with an undershirt/wife beater… those work great… plus you can ask him to take off his clothes… jk… just the shirt tail will suffice … πŸ˜› happy wordage


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