Dinner with sarah’sbookshelf

Hello readers!

So! Last weekend I got to go to dinner with sarah’sbookshelf! We’ve been friends since we were 11, but it had been a while since we’d seen each other given that we go to different Universities.

It was great to see her and have a bit of a catch up over dinner and a bottle of wine at Zizzi’s Italian. We quickly fell into old talking patterns, and it was just like old times.

We discussed everything from books to boyfriends (as is often the case when we’re together) and then went back to her house to watchΒ Sherlock. Could there be anything better?!

Anyway, my point in typing this is to say, never be afraid to text an old friend for coffee or dinner. Sure, they may not want to meet up, but then again, they might and maybe it’ll be like nothing’s changed.

’til next time, readers, much love!

Georgie xxx


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