Envelope stuffing…

Hello readers!

If you have never worked in an office, you likely have never experienced the joys of a little job known as ‘envelope stuffing’. It is a tedious task that involves stuffing pieces of paper inside envelopes. Fascinating, I know. Sometimes you may even have to fold said pieces of paper before they will fit in the envelope. Other times, you may be tasked with franking the envelopes to go out in the post that day. What it basically comes down to though, is that this is a very boring job that I am given to do on a frequent basis and I am just about ready to throw the whole lot in the bin!

I work for a company – let’s call it The Company – that sends out a round of letters to other companies every week, asking if they would be interested in the service The Company provides. This is essentially the snail mail equivalent of cold calling and junk email.

So every week, I am handed a list of names and addresses that I have to send letters to. This is usually somewhere in the region of 150-200 different companies. I also have to send out around 50 extra letters to people who haven’t already responded to our first letter. So I have to generate, print, and stuff around 250 letters. Every week! And that doesn’t even include the other letters that I have to do for other aspects of The Company.

Typically, I don’t mind envelope stuffing. Yes, it is a mind-numbingly boring job, but it gives me something to do that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Today though, I have been stuffing envelopes for nearly three straight hours and I’m only just beginning to see the end in sight. And it’s made even worse by the fact that I know when I’ve finished these, I will just have another 200 to do next week.

Ah well, it’s the menial tasks one has to do that teach us the best lessons. Or something 😉

’til next time, readers, much love.

Georgie xxx


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