My new glasses…

Hello readers!

I hope everyone is having a good summer! Not that weather has been summer-like in the UK recently…

This post is, as you might expect, about me getting glasses.

It all started when I received a free eye health check voucher in with my Boots rewards vouchers. (You know the kind, money off and extra points on your store card, that kind of thing.) Anyway! I mentioned to my Grandma that I had been getting more and more clumsy, I was getting headaches after spending a long time reading or on the computer, which as an undergraduate in English Literature is a really bad thing…

So I booked an appointment to go and see the optician, something I haven’t done in years. Now, as someone who has always wanted glasses and never needed them, it came as quite a big shock that the optometrist recommended that I get a prescription pair of glasses!IMG_1949

It’s a very mild prescription, but in using them the past few days I can say that they have made a tremendous difference to the way I read! My friends could probably tell you that I frown when I’m reading books. I have been asked so many times what’s wrong, or if something interesting/confusing/frustrating is going on in the book, because I frown to focus my eyes on the words. Now that I have my glasses, I don’t do it anymore! Hurray for fewer wrinkles!

So the moral, I guess, of the story is, if you feel like something’s wrong, get it checked out. Trust your doctor/optometrist/chiropodist/whoever, to know if something’s up.

IMG_1951So there! I have new glasses, hopefully they will prevent my eyes from getting any worse, and I’ll find it easier to spend even more time reading!!

’til next time readers, happy reading!

Georgie xxx


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